Inspired by the enormous support in the #metoo campaign, PerpTag is online tool, currently in development, to enable survivors to find each other through social media, and then privately discuss their experiences with a specific perpetrator, without using your perpetrator's name or info.

If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual assault, molestation, domestic abuse, or other inappropriate behavior, Please fill out this survey. This will help us understand the issues at hand and develop the app with the best possible outcome.

How it Works

1. After an incident takes place, a survivor goes to

2. The survivor enters the perp's first name, last name, and phone number and generates the tag

3. The survivor copies the tag, and pastes it in an email, text, blog, message boards, social media post, or other medium of their choice

4. If there are other survivors of the same perp who have had similar incidents, they may also generate the same tag and use it in private messages, social media, etc.

5. If the tag is used in any group forum or public media, survivors can then search the tag to locate others who have had experiences with the same perp

6. Survivors can then communicate with each other privately to compare experiences, offer support, and decide what action to take

Frequently asked Questions

Why make this app?
The early results of our survey show that over 50% of survivors of sexual assault would be more likely to take action if they knew there were others who had similar experiences with the same perp. The goal of PerpTag is to assist survivors by making it easier for them to locate other survivors safely, and foster a culture where, instead of survivors being afraid to take action, it is the perpetrators who are afraid of the action the survivors may take.

Does this app publish the identity of the perp?
No, this app does not publish any information on the web. It only generates the hashtag. It is up to the survivor to determine how to use the tag, either in private messages, group chats, blogs, or social media

Does this app store the names and phone numbers that are entered?
No, this app does not store any information, it only generates the tag

Can the tag be de-coded to reveal the identity of the perp?
No, the tag cannot be decoded. The hashtag is generated using a hashing function, which generates a scrambled string of characters based on a set of inputs, but cannot be decoded to reveal the perp's info. Hashing functions are commonly used in online security. PerpTag uses an open source hashing function called Shorthash.

How do I use the tag after I generate it?
After you generate the tag, you can then copy+paste the tag in private messages, texts, forums, or social media. You can also run searches on the tag to see if others have made posts with the same tag. For privacy and legal reasons, we advise that you do not post details of an incident in any public forum. It is better to simply invite others to contact you, and continue the conversation privately to discuss it further.

Could anyone else figure out the identity of the perp if they generate the tag themselves?
Yes, this is possible. The purpose of this app is to provide a safe means for survivors of the same perp to reach one another, without using the identity of the perp. However, publishing the tag in a public forum does come with the risk that others may attempt to guess the perp's identity by generating the the tag themselves. If you are posting the tag in any public forum or social media, there is some risk that others may be able to match your tag to the perp's identity if they also know the perp's full name and phone number. This could include people in your community, the media, and the perp themselves. For this reason, please take care when using the hashtag online. Some may prefer to use the tag only in private messages or private forums.

What if I don't know the perp's phone number?
The beta version of this app needs the perp's phone number in order to generate the tag. This ensures that the tag will be unique, and will match with other survivors who generate the tag. Statistics show that 3 out of 4 sexual assaults were committed by someone known to the survivor. Many survivors will have had text or phone calls with the perp, or others they know may have access to the perp's phone number. Future versions may include other options to generate the tag.